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Bohemian Rhapsody

Show Must Go On

Is This the World We Created (Live Aid - 1985)
I Want to Break Free (Live at Wembley)
Under Pressure (Live at Wembley)
queen - i want to break free (video clip)

Written by : John Deacon

Album :The Works(1984)



I Want to Break Free" is a song performed by Queen, which was written exclusively by bassist John Deacon. It featured on their 1984 album The Works. In the UK Chart, it peaked at number 3, and remained in the chart for fifteen consecutive weeks.

Two differing versions of the song are in circulation. The version on The Works is in fact shorter than the single remix by nearly a minute, because of a fade-in synthesiser introduction and a longer solo in which both the synthesiser and guitar feature separately. This is in contrast to "Hammer to Fall", a song which was edited down by thirty seconds from the album version to be released as a single. The promotional 45 sent to radio stations by Capitol Records had both versions on either side. However, Queen's name and the song title were deliberately left off, so the labels read "Special Single Mix (4:21)" and "Special Single Mix-Edited (3:59)."

The music video, directed by David Mallet, was a parody of the northern British soap opera Coronation Street. During part of the video, the band members dressed in drag, as mildly similar characters found in the soap at the time. The video also depicted the band in what appeared to be a coal mine in their normal look, and it also features a ballet piece with the Royal Ballet (one of the dancers was Jeremy Sheffield), for which Freddie Mercury shaved off his trademark moustache to portray Nijinsky. The video was initially banned by MTV in the U.S., but the ban was lifted in 1991 when it aired on VH1's My Generation 2-part episodes devoted to Queen hosted by guitarist Brian May. The song received renewed attention when it was used in a media advertising campaign for the soft drink Coca-Cola C2.

At the 1992 Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, Lisa Stansfield performed the song. She entered the Wembley stage wearing hair curlers (à la Hilda Ogden) and pushing a vacuum cleaner in a direct reference and tribute to the song's video.



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